Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co.,Ltd.., one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality underwear and apparel factory in China, is proud to announce that it has passed the BSCI audit in June 2023. amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit is a rigorous audit that ensures companies follow ethical and socially responsible practices in their operations. Audits cover important areas such as environmental management, corporate social responsibility, and workers’ rights and welfare.

In addition, Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co.,Ltd. has recently completed GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS (Organic Content Standard) organic audits. These audits are necessary for the company to maintain its status as a supplier of premium organic apparel. GOTS is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, while OCS ensures the traceability and integrity of certified organic materials from source to final product.

In addition, Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co.,Ltd. has also applied for GRS (Global Recycling Standard) and RCS (Recycling Statement Standard) recycling certification. These certifications are critical for companies looking to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations by using recycled materials in their products. GRS certification verifies recycled content in products, while RCS ensures products have been verified as containing recycled material. The introduction of the certificate marks an important milestone for the company in its mission to provide sustainable and eco-friendly clothing solutions to its customers.

Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co., Ltd’s commitment to ethical business practices and sustainable development reflects its commitment to protecting the environment, ensuring fair labor practices and producing high-quality products that meet global standards. “We are delighted to have passed our BSCI audit and completed our GOTS and OCS organic audits. These achievements underscore our commitment to ensuring ethical and transparent business practices. We understand the importance of sustainability and are continually exploring ways to incorporate it into our operations A new method,” said a spokesman for Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co.,Ltd. “We are also excited about the application for GRS and RCS recycled certificates, which we believe will help us achieve our sustainability goals and provide our customers with the best eco-friendly and recycled clothing products.”

In conclusion, Quanzhou Jinke Garments Co.,Ltd. continues to demonstrate its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices by successfully completing BSCI, GOTS and OCS audits and applications for GRS and RCS recycling certificates. By introducing these certifications, the company is taking important steps to ensure it remains a leader in providing high-quality, sustainable and environmentally friendly clothing solutions.

Post time: Aug-25-2023